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The following banks, finance companies, investment banks, private equity firms, merger and acquisition specialists, real estate developers, business brokers and other financial intermediaries lenders are providing capital and advice to the restaurant industry. 

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Finance & Real Estate Directory

Mike Rozman
Map50 W. 72nd Street
Suite 6C

New York, NY 10023
(617) 266-3263


BoeFly’s Franchise Sales & Financing System combines technology with customer-focused experts to help brands source new leads, increase their lead-to-franchise sale conversion rate, diligence applicants and accelerate openings through efficient and competitive financing. BoeFly is the leading franchise lending solution, having supported franchisees from more than 600 unique brands. Brands like Papa Murphy’s, Jamba Juice, Meineke and Wayback Burgers rely on BoeFly to drive growth. Learn more at:

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