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Johann Moonesinghe
Map1300 N Street NW
Suite 405

Washinton, DC 20005


EquityEats is the largest crowdfunding or community finance company focused specifically on restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and bakeries. We help restaurants raise capital from their community by offering credit (returns only Food & Beverage credits), debt (returns F&B credits + fixed amount of cash), or equity (returns F&B credits + cash based on profits) investments. Credit investments are the absolute cheapest form of capital. For example, $100,000 in credit investments costs a restaurant $60,000 in actual cost over five years which is $65,000 cheaper than a 6% interest loan from a bank without a need for a personal guarantee, credit check, or collateral.

Then the best part - the restaurant’s revenue increases after it has community financing. This is because once a guest is invested; he or she comes in all the time, books private events, and recommends the restaurant to friends. We’ve developed the ultimate loyalty product and also provide the restaurants a mobile app to ensure that the investors have a great experience.

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