November 2017

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Wow Bao to Open First Eatsa-Empowered Restaurant in Chicago

After Eatsa, the highly automated bowl concept, shut three locations to retrench, it looked like the modern-day automat was on the ropes. But as San Francisco startups do, the company has pivoted and has a new role as automation partner.


Roger Lipton: Shake Shack Kiosks May Have Unintended Consequences

Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack, is no longer actively involved in management of this leader within the “fine” casual dining industry. His cultural influence is no doubt being maintained as one of the restaurant industry’s most progressive voices.


Key Restaurant Credits at Risk in Tax Plan

Tax reform is grinding along in D.C., and some key tax credits are at risk in a new plan.


Several Standouts Still ‘Buys’ in Shaky Third Quarter

The third quarter results have thus far been more of the same, but there are still plenty of restaurant stocks that have the analysts excited.