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The following banks, finance companies, investment banks, private equity firms, merger and acquisition specialists, real estate developers, business brokers and other financial intermediaries lenders are providing capital and advice to the restaurant industry. 

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Finance & Real Estate Directory

Nationwide Equities Corporation

Jackie Wallace
Map1 International Blvd.
Suite 1202

Mahwah, NJ 07495
(201) 529-1401


Are you Self-Employed? Having trouble getting a mortgage?? We can help!!! If a bank has turned you down because of difficulty verifying your income via tax returns, then we have the perfect loan for you! We are Nationwide Equities, a licensed mortgage banker in 38 states, and offer programs to help Self-Employed borrowers finance their dreams.

• NO Tax Returns Required!
• Qualify with Bank Statements
• Low Credit Score? Not an issue!
• Loan Amounts up to $5 Million
• No Seasoning Required from Bankruptcy/Foreclosure

Whether you need to finance your franchise, buy an investment property or your dream home, Nationwide Equities can help! CALL US TODAY AT (866) 312-4370 OR VISIT WWW.THESOSLOAN.COM TO LEARN MORE!

Additional Information:

Toll-free: (866) 312-4370