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The Monitor's library of white papers will make you more knowledgeable on a number of subjects near and dear to your net worth. Written by experts in their field, these detailed reports provide the latest thinking on everything from financing, valuation and selling your restaurant business.


4 Payroll Management Reports Managers Cannot Live Without


Too often, companies struggle to understand what they need to see in their payroll that help them mitigate risk and stay compliant with regulatory requirements. In this informative guide, we will cover the 4 most common payroll management reports that managers simply can't live without. 

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Medical Intelligence: Why is it critical to the future of employer sponsored health & welfare plans?


Download this whitepaper to learn about Medical Intelligence and how you can use this information to save your organization money on employee healthcare. 

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Fragmentation: The Silent Killer in Workforce and Back Office Management

The technology that’s being used today in many restaurants’ back offices is not helping businesses succeed because it’s not meeting the dire need for greater insight, intelligent forecasts, and smarter operations. When it comes to the state of technology many restaurants are still stuck with closed and disconnected architectures, complex legacy systems, a lack of visibility, and high development and maintenance costs.

These challenges shackle restaurant operators to outdated systems and processes that significantly limit their businesses growth — blocking them from deploying next-gen solutions that support a whole new level of restaurant performance — a level that can mean the difference between long-term success or failure.

This guide looks at the four pressing challenges and presents one unifying solution.

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Guide to Managing Minors - From Engagement to Compliance

Just when you thought you knew your Millennial workforce like the back of your hand, a new kid has arrived on the scene — Gen Z. If you think these young men and women are just a younger version of Millennials, think again. Kids born between 1995 and 2014 have their own views of the world — and the workplace.

In our latest guide, we discuss the following :

-The complexity of child labor laws

-Four things to know about Gen Z employees

-Why and how to engage minors

-Getting the most out of your engagement efforts

Download our guide now to help your restaurant drive safely in the compliance lane and effectively engage the young.

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How Intelligent Restaurant Inventory Technology Helps Managers Hit Their Numbers

Successful restaurants know just how tight inventory management process impacts delivering a great product, a guest experience, and bottom- and top-line revenue.

Read this eBook by HotSchedules to explore:

How current inventory technology is failing managers

-The problem with legacy systems

-Advances in modern inventory management technology

-Five ways machine learning enhances inventory management

-Exception-based action and focusing managers on what matters

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3 Trends Driving M&A in the Restaurant Industry


Following the end of the Great Recession, consumer spending on food outside of the home resumed, the restaurant industry recovered and competition grew. Download this white paper to learn how restaurant groups, private equity firms and restaurant owner-operators are turning to M&A for the right deals to grow, diversify or otherwise capitalize on current market opportunities.

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